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Brad's "Backstage Experts" Column


Workshops and seminars on the business of acting are available that address the issues discussed in the book -- and more. These sessions, led by Brad Lemack, also deal with the most current topics of interest to actors about the changing industry landscape and how to remain empowered and positive in the ongoing process of their career journeys.

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Industry Praise for “The Business of Acting” Workshops and Seminars

“Brad Lemack gave a valuable, in-depth and entertaining talk and Q&A session with the actors from our community. Brad's breadth of experience in entertainment, including a personal understanding of the challenges that actors face, combined with actionable advice, is proof that he is a rare breed in Hollywood: A deeply knowledgeable veteran with a generous heart, a patient attitude and the genuine desire to help actors achieve their goals." 
Marc B. Weinbach, Casting Frontier
“The Business of Acting seminar empowered actors to take charge and manage their careers and expectations in this industry.”
L.A. Casting, Casting Networks, Inc.
We were enraptured with the discussion. Learning and laughing at the same time always make the best kind of meeting. It was a tremendous success.”
Laurel Walsh, Women in Film
“Brad’s many years in (the business) gave our students insights into the business side of acting. (The book) is definitely filled with information that will benefit new and current industry professionals.”
Prof. Lillian Lehman, Department of Theatre
California State University, Northridge
"Thank you so very much for such a warm, generous, and extremely informative talk with our students. They were so taken with you and inspired by your talk. They were totally connected to everything you presented. They took it all in and will benefit from all you imparted (me, too!)."
Prof. Ellen Faith Brodie, Department of Performing Arts
Eastern Connecticut State University
"Brad presents the material ... with great wisdom and accessibility. He is a clarifying voice with a deep and compassionte understanding of the actor's journey. He has a wealth of information to share in the business and in life."
Simon Anthony, SAG Foundation

“Great responses from your students! I have gotten nothing but positivity from your class … I would love to get you back for another workshop.”

Ron Weisberg, Story Quest Studios

Albuquerque, NM