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Industry Praise

“A must-read from a veteran in the business who genuinely cares about the growth of the next generation of talent in Hollywood.”

Jennifer Cooper, CSA - Casting Director

“The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition is required reading for actors looking to break into the business or anyone feeling stuck in their career. Brad Lemack gives a fresh, new perspective on what it takes to build a successful career in entertainment in an ever-changing and evolving industry."

Jason Henkel, CSA - Casting Director

“Brad Lemack genuinely cares about actors and his books reflect his dedication to help them achieve success. The entertainment industry is constantly evolving and changing, and The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition is there to provide the latest information, tools and guidance to help actors navigate and build their careers. I’d love to make this required reading for any actor I sign!”

Brianna Ancel - President & Talent Agent, Clear Talent Group

“Not only is Brad a passionate and engaging educator, he's also a dedicated mentor to his students, personally helping them take the leap into professional acting year after year. Brad's insider knowledge of the entertainment industry, how quickly it's evolving and how those changes impact actors is invaluable and would benefit any actor, at any level.”

Lindsay Jameyson - Casting Director, Jennifer Cooper Casting

“In an industry where being a hyphenate is a near-necessity, Brad Lemack, a hyphenate himself, teaches his readers how to become prolific producers and creators of content in support of their careers as actors. The Next Edition hits the mark for the new landscape.”

Susan A. Simons Talent & Packaging Agent, David Shapira & Associates

“If you want to build a sustainable, professional performing career with integrity and longevity, you must read Brad Lemack's The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition. It is absolutely indispensable."

Gregory Crafts - Actor, Playwright, Theatrical Director & Producer

"Mr. Lemack's attention to detail and continued curiosity make his books an invaluable, "up to the minute" resource for any performer looking to pave a career in the entertainment industry."  

Kenneth Suarez Talent Agent, Brick Entertainment

“Brad is an outstanding writer with so much practical knowledge. I advise everyone to read this dynamic book. As a teacher, he has everything a teacher needs … humor, instinct and valuable information that each student can apply to their professional career. The New Edition is a must-read.

Kay Cole - Director/Choreographer

“Brad’s first book, The Business of Acting, taught us how to assemble a tool kit for building a career. His second book, The New Business of Acting, presented a plan for how to navigate the changing industry. And now, The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition, catapults us into a deeper, more detailed strategy for taking as much control of our journey’s outcome as possible. Whether new, presently working in or planning a return to the business of acting, this is the current information you need. Presented straightforward, with clear instruction, and infused with personal experience and anecdotes, this front edge information keeps pace with what the industry now expects in every area from becoming a “hyphenate,” to branding; from self-tape auditions, to wages; from social evolution, to technological advancements; from personal rights, to responsibility and integrity.”

Pamela Roylance - Actress

“Acting itself may be the least challenging part of being an actor. To be successful, one must also be an entrepreneur and Brad Lemack lays out the realities and practicalities that every actor must consider when creating their business plan for success. Mr. Lemack has packed his years wisdom and depth of knowledge about the entertainment industry into an approach that is innovative in its simplicity. This is a must read for anyone who is serious about building a lasting career as an actor.”

Susan Fincham - Talent Agent, David Shapira & Associates

“This book makes this unpredictable and ever-changing business somewhat tangible. A must-read for anyone who is serious about making acting a career.”

Amanda Richards - Talent and Casting Executive