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Brad's "Backstage Experts" Column

For Educators:

The New Business of Acting has become a fixture in many college and university classrooms across the country. Professors who are eager to teach their performing arts students the business skills they will need to plan, to launch and then to maintain their post-college career journeys have made the book required or recommended reading for their students. Incorporated into their acting curriculum, these educators are taking the lead in preparing their students for the transition from school to the real work in which they will seek to build their professional careers.

“In The New Business of Acting, Brad Lemack deftly charts the swiftly changing waters of the acting industry. When guiding my students through the challenging transition between life in an academic setting and life as a creative professional, I trust in Brad’s advice to underline and supplement their training. The New Business of Acting never fails to keep the students in-the-know and to help prepare them for the reality—and the joy—of what lies ahead.”

J.J. Cobb
Assistant Professor of Acting/Theatre
Eastern Connecticut State University


“The New Business of Acting is a concise, informative and common sense approach to the business of acting that only someone in the business could have written. As an actor who has made his living in the business for almost 40 years, I know my students are getting invaluable advice from this book.”

Mr. Ivar C. Brogger
Adjunct Faculty   
College of Performing Arts
Department of Theatre
Chapman University


“My class is indeed enjoying The New Business of Acting very much. It covers the very needed aspects of the business and speak to the college students with truth and honesty. They really need to hear what Brad Lemack has to say to get prepared for the battle ahead. I personally use both of Brad’s books (The Business of Acting: Learn the Skills You Need to Build the Career You Want and The New Business of Acting: How to Build a Career in a Changing Landscape). I especially like the chapter on self-submissions and the chapter on establishing an action plan. What my students are most surprised with is the new online system, the Internet website evaluations (scams and all) and the self-submission process the new book addresses.”

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Lecturer, Department of Theatre
University of Southern Maine

“Brad’s many years in (the business) gave our students insights into the business side of acting. (The book) is definitely filled with information that will benefit new and current industry professionals.”

Prof. Lillian Lehman
Department of Theatre
California State University, Northridge


“I have been recommending Brad's books since I had the good fortune of working with him firsthand and saw that he is the ‘real deal,’ meaning the information in his books is based on real-life, hands-on experience. He is realistic about show business while still being supportive of the actor's journey, meaning he likes actors and gives them the tools to develop their careers. Mr. Lemack's latest edition of The New Business of Acting should be a handbook for every actor who wants to thrive in the business of show.”

Marilyn McIntyre
Professor, Performing Arts & Acting
Elon in L.A. Program
Elon University

Instructor, Howard Fine Acting Studio, Hollywood and Melbourne, Australia
Instructor, Ted Brunetti Studio, Hollywood

The New Business of Acting has proven invaluable in preparing our theatre and musical theatre students for their lives post-university.  Too often programs prepare students to be great artists, but great artists must also live in the real world, and this text helps students understand the challenges they will face in an ever-changing field.  They leave the classroom better prepared, newly re-energized, and fully committed, not just to making careers as artists, but to making lives as well.

Shawn Knight
Department of Theatre Arts & Dance
Belmont University, Nashville 

Desk review copies of The New Business of Acting are available upon request from a verifiable teacher of the performing arts — or related subject — for consideration for use in the classroom. Send your request to